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I've pre-order Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Obsidian Edition on steam. 

I got steam account linked to obsidian account for scavenger hunt (already got dlc item on steam - YEY!)


My question is:

If I already pre order game on steam and have steam account linked to obsidian can you give steam players chance to buy Beta access to the game?


So far you need obsidian pre-order to be able to buy beta access if I’m not mistaken.


If you didn't pledge for the Backer Beta but would still like to participate, you can head on over to the Obsidian Backer Portal[eternity.obsidian.net] and add the Beta Access for $20.00 USD to your already exisiting order.


Yes ...but my pre order exist on steam only.


Can you make some tweaks on obsidian account to give us a chance to spend 20$ for beta access also.


Pretty please




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Everyone has different opinions on this, but you seriously aren't missing anything by not participating in the Beta.  Unlike many other steam "betas" which are full games in an unfinished state, the Deadfire beta is a narrow slice of plot-free content to help test game balance and mechanics.


The real fun begins in a few weeks.  The Deadfire beta feels more like a demo version than a full game.

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But as a more direct reply: the order they talk about are pledges. To be able to buy an addon you would have to back the game while they were still open. While it is possible for backers to buy additional addons, it is not possible to back the game anymore. Pre-ordering does open access to beta.


And as EG said. Better wait these couple weeks.

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Absolute waste of your time at this point to try the backer beta.  This is not some indie team selling you an early access game, the backer beta is a VERY small part of the real game and is only intended to showcase the mechanics and allow for play testing.  You could complete the whole thing in 4-5 hours easily.

Meanwhile the actual full game, which will be updated well beyond the backer beta which is builds old, will release in... 24 days?  Little late to care about a beta.

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Also, sorry OP if it seems like we’re ganging up on you or something. That’s absolutely not what we’re trying to convey.


You’re excited; I’m excited; *we’re all* excited about Deadfire. But even if there were a way to get in on the beta without being a backer, there really isn’t much to see unless you’re super into the evolution of game mechanics or being crushed by encounters that we’ve been assured are “fixed in release”.

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