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Need some advice getting back into the game (PotD)

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A long time ago I started a PotD game with Cipher as main. For some reason I stopped playing the game and now I wanted to finish it before PoE2 comes out. But man is it hard to get back into the game, everything just wipes the floor with my party. I am level 10 and did all Act 2 quests but didn't attend the hearings yet. In the Paths I am in level 7. In WM1 I did most of the sidequests but those Lagufaeth mobs just kill me as do the kith groups (bounty).


So I am looking for some hints to (re-)build or re-learn my party to give me an edge.


Currently i have:


1. Eder as tank with his Saints War armor, Whipers of Yenwood and shield 

2. Durance for buff/debuff and heal with some soulbound scepter and heavy armor

3. Pallagina as offtank with White Crest Armor and St Ydwen's Redeemer and Zealous Endurance to protect Eder and other frontliners

4. Aloth or Grieving Mother (mainly for CC)

5. Hiravias with some soulbound quarterstaff OR Maneha with dual wield to do extra dmg.


MC: Cipher with arquebus 


I also have access to all other companions.


What I am asking for is some advice for some as straightforward and as OP approach to build the party and engage enemies, just that I can get back into the game. Maybe some links to builds that work well together? Obviously the party I have doesn't really work or I fail to manage it properly. In most engagements the enemies just start casting, everything becomes a big mess of colors and light, and everyone starts dying. I know, sounds very noobish. I just haven't played the game for 2 years and have forgotten most stuff. And damn, PotD is annoying, huge mistake on my part. But I also don't want to cheat or restart.

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If you download IE Mod you can turn down the difficulty from PotD without disabling achievements. Google Pillars Nexus IE Mod. There is a text file that comes with the mod that details all the console commands. I think that would be the best course of action if you just want to get through the story without relearning the ins and outs of the ruleset.

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Thanks, maybe I do that. In the meantime I managed to gain a level with some characters. The level 6 cipher powers seem very good, amplified wave and disintegration. I didn't play long or any tough encounters but it seems those powers are a big deal. Before that I was mainly doing dmg with amplified thrust, detonate, and cc-ing with ringleader. Now, I have the feeling that using confusion (Aloth) and picking of the rest one by one with high dmg spells is working better.

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Do you only use One Arquebus for your Cipher? Use many then switch to a pike to attack from back row or flanks until using Cipher powers.


Switch Eder’s weapon to something that deals damage like Tidefall or start dual wielding. He is a lvl 9-10 fighter so his defense should already be skyrocketing. Make sure you are debugging with Aloth/GM nad buffing with Durance to start most battles. Immediate buff/debuff to start battles is huge.

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No matter which fork in the road you take I am certain adventure awaits.

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