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Question for the Experts: How much will the Final Product deviate from the Beta?

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They are still making big changes in balancing and other things in the game and not only this but the game WILL be getting patched after release which will introduce major changes as well.


Thus the beta is irrelevant.


For more info, you could always follow Josh's Twitter or Tumblr :)

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According to Josh, everyone is devoted to bug fixing right now, therefore no new features are being added.


Since most of the big balance changes in Beta 4 were walk-backs of things introduced in Beta 3, I don’t think it makes sense to expect the released game to look radically different.

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There will be a number of balance changes and gameplay tweaks, yes.  But it is unlikely that many major things will change before launch.  It is basically the same as Eternity 1, there were tons of balance fixes, the stats changed a bit on launch, etc etc, and maybe 1-2 things got added, but for the most part it was 80% the same game.

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