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Spiritshift bugs



1. At the moment, Spiritshift Hide get's +1 AR bonus on character levels 5 and 9. Maybe it should be on the same level when you can enchant your armor by 1 tier up, i.e: 4,8,12,16?

2. Elemental Corpus doesn't get extra AR bonus, i.e. it doesn't scale at all.

3. Elemental Claws are currently marked as two-handed. Maybe that's an oversight? As the plural form and the model itself point for dual-wielding.

4. Claws' damage does not scale. Or at least it's not displayed in their tooltips.

5. Boar regeneration and shifter healing (on spiritshift end) scale a bit poorly. And will be of x3-x4 less usefulness for a druid at max level (unless there are some really strong +healing modifiers in the game).

6. If a druid while spiritshifted tries to cast Scroll of Kalakoth's Minor Blights he usually gets stuck with the cast animation, and the scroll casting never finishes. But in rare cases when he succeeds (example) he can't auto-attack after that at all.

7. Animalistic spiritshift forms are still to large in inventory screen

8. Storm Blight form could use a female model for female characters

9. Spiritshift Stag form can deal only 1 carnage attack, during which main target takes normal damage, while adjacent ones just 1-5 slash dmg.

10. Spiritshift Cat form description mentions: "the cat spiritshift has a naturally fast attack and can burst into even faster attacks". This was correct for beta1, but is not longer true in beta3, because cat claws are now as slow as the others.


P.S. Here is the cross-link to aggregated/tested info on spiritshift.

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