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determination/visuals of magical items

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Hi Guys,


I saw that in POE2 magical items have just an blue-ish overlay which reminds me of BG "unidentified items". It looked strange to me in POE 1 as well and I hoped they improved that but it doesn't seem so. An excellent solution would be how it was done in Tyranny. A powerful weapon there just looks like one. IN POE it was rather like .. meh.


Im I missing something? Is it just because the beta is the beta? Or do you feel the same way? Will they improve this? Am I the only one not liking these looks?




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Right now most magical items seem to have a "missing string" problem. For example the Beza's Toothed Blade doesn't have a base damage attached. Almost all of those also seem to lack an icon for said item.

Thing is, with PoE1 there really weren't what I would call "magical items" until soulbound weapons showed up. Any weapon could be upgraded and most of items you found, simply had some generic upgrades already implimented.

In Deadfire those "magical" items are to be more unique, and receive their own look tied to its mechanics.

Either way, visually it never bothered me, though I missed some of the more over the top and one of a kind weapons of BG2. 

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