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I am starting a second run as a conventional Wizard.  I am not trying to have any attribute below 10.  What is the suggested beginning stats and what talents and spells should I focus on?  A mix between CC and Damage is what I am going for.  Using a Wand as a weapon.  Not gonna try and be melee.  Any links to builds would be greatly appreciated.  Also....been reading around and noticed there are some extra deadfire items...I play on xbox one....I'm guessing these are not available to me?

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My personal fav is a mix of CC and Impliments damage. Look up Zeblastion Hurtstacker. Spells I master for that build are slicken, Blind spell Curse of Blackened Sight, llengraths displaced image for level 3. I get arcane veil and  those defense spells like llengraths so the AI never looks at the wizard. If you fire a spell like llengraths at the start of every fight your wizard won’t Agro much. In hard fights I use the speed spell (Deletrious something motion I forget lol) , Kalkoth’s Minor Blights,

or I go AOE bomber mode to kill adds ASAP and leave the boss by himself. Speed spell, Llengraths displaced image, llengraths safeguard, arcane veil (you are untouchable at this point and if something hits you hard somehow you will AOE prone and push everything) and spam minolettas precisely piercing burst and torrent of flame (torrent has friendly fire but if you have good front liners that are a sturdy it wont matter much). All adds will melt. Ensure you are buffed with accuracy for max damage.

Wizards are powerful indeed.

For damage dealing, weapon focus noble, dangerous implements, marksman, blast, penetrating blast, penetrating shot


I am like you in that I do not like going under 10 although it is good for a lot of builds.  I like the triple 5 and 3 rule for my role play.  5 in stats I really want and 3 in my "minor" stat.


For the type of wizard i just mentioned i like.


15 Might


10 Con


13 Dex with the speed spell and light armor/robes you will not need much dex.  You will be extremely fast anyway.


15 Per


15 Int


10 Res


Hey just realized rank 10 on the forums!  Time to start necroing threads! :p

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Have gun will travel.

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Haha - hold your horses! ;)


Race: Wood Elf


Background/Culture: doesn't matter




MIG: 14

CON: 10

DEX: 15

PER: 14

INT: 15

RES: 10




Penetrating Blast


Weapon Focus Noble(rod and scepter)

Dangerous Implement

Interrupting Blows

Penetrating Shot

Apprentice's Sneak Attack



Headgear: Hermit's Hat

Neck: Cloak of the Frozen Hunt or Mantle of the Excavator

Armor: Gwisk Glas

Belt: Arthek's Cord

Rings: Ring of the Selonan, Telda's Ring

Hands: Gauntlets of Swift Action

Boots: Viettro's Formal Footwear


Weapons: Engwithian Scepter (speed) --> Gyrd Háewanes Sténes (dominate proc works with Blast) --> The Golden Gaze (Expose Vulnerabilites works with and also for Blast) | try to summon Kalakoth's Minor Blights and later Llengrath's Blunt Wisdom as often as possible

For further inspiration on Blast Wizards: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/83681-class-build-zeblastian-hurtstacker-autoattacking-double-trouble-dps-wizard/


Blast ist very good with Minor Blights and Combusting Wounds. Golden Gaze is a very good weapon because Blast doesn't care for the initial weapon damage but has its own. Golden Gaze has two projectiles per shot. So you will generate 2 blast with one attack. Also the spell chance of Expose Vulnerabilites works really well with Interrupts (every Blast causes interrupts and Expose lowers Concentration - and also lowers DR which is great for the two projectiles and also the Blast itself)

You should start with the Engwithan Scepter because it's the fastest implement so early in the game and then move on to better implements once you can get them.


I chose rods and scepter because it's one Weapon Focus for two implements and because the uniques of rod and scepter are way better than wands'.


Have fun!


P.S.: I don't know if the Deadfire Pack works on XBox - but there are not really any compelling items for a blaster wizard in it anyway.   

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Thanks for responding.  I'm doing ok as a wizard.  At level 7 now (playing hard)  I could probably do PotD, but I don't wanna punch my TV screen just yet.  It's tough in the beginning with Aloth and Eder and my Wizard.  Squishy indeed.  I picked a Human Old Valian Noble as my wizard.  Just got the soulbound Blue Scepter as my weapon.  Party is Palagina, Eder, Aloth, Durance, Heravious, and myself.  It's def different then my first go around as a Fighter.  Finding the right gear, and picking the right spells is the challenge. I did 16 might, 18 int, 12 per, 10 res, 11 dex, 10 con or something close to that.  Found some stuff and got Int up to 20.  

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