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Wanna do another 2 runs of the game and this time it should be solo and party potd.


Which build would you recommend for solo?


Which party would you prefer for potd?


Easy as possible for a not that experienced player :-)


Hope you guys can help me out.. Thanks a lot!

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I found monk and wizard fairly easy for soloing, but these are the only two classes I have tried. I can recommend both, though. The wizard is just so versatile, he or she can handle all situations the game throws at you (but you need some experience and knowledge how to use the spells efficiently and which spell combos are good). Plus the per rest casting system allows you to drown your enemy in the sheer volume of magic in a single encounter. Monks are beefy and can deal a lot of damage. The Monksterlasher / Anvil builds are good for soloing.

Will your solo run be ToI mode, and do you intend to kill all dragons and bounties? 


For potd parties: it is a matter of taste and play style. There is no clear "best party". The most powerful party for my playstyle was priest, wizard, druid, chanter, barb and monk. But I like to play very micro-intensive and with a tons of CC (I hate to use healing spells). I guess that most other players are lazier ;-)

I would say that any combo of the three vancian caster classes priest / wizard / druid plus chanter is ridiculously powerful (no matter the specific builds). if you know the game well, this combo will be boring ;-)

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Every class has it's own advantage for solo (even rogue, lol).

Do you want an easy early, pick wizard or chanter.

Do you want the easiest dragons, pick cipher or ranger.

Do you want the easiest bounties, pick barb or chanter.

Every class I didn't mention? DW they have something op in their regard.

Easiest for a beginner are probably Fighter, Monk and Paladin.

Best class for a micromanagement madman, probably priest.

The list could go on and on.

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Chanters make fantastic soloers.  They have early access to increased speed, which makes early game much easier / more viable.  They have recovery talents, which means they can outlast other classes.  Summons and AoE DoTs deal with groups well.  White Worms provides the bursty DPS you need for the vast majority of bosses.  The dragons get a bit hard without burst damage, but by that time consumbles and gear are providing more damage anyways.

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Now that PoE1 won't get more patches I can say it - the paladin is by far the strongest class. Not only he's the best tank and has no hard match ups, but once he gets Sacred Immolation he becomes a true monster... While Sacred Immolation doesn't look very strong compared to other AoE attacks it has a huge advantage - it triggers Combusting Wounds every 3 seconds which melts even the strongest enemies in seconds (also you can have multiple Rings of Searing Flames meaning you rarely need to rest...).


PS. I never used this combo in my videos because I didn't want it nerfed, but maybe I'll post one showing how easily you can destroy Magran's Faithful... 

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You also get a chant that helps against dragons and lots of summons which is very helpful in a solo game. Open with a figurine and then summon some ogres to distract enemies. Chanter can also use mind control.


A paladin with maxed out defenses is quite boring (until lvl 13) and tedious to play but a rel. save bet. Early Outworn Bucker helps a lot. Later get Drawn in Spring.


Priest is a bit hefty at the start but is good later on. With all those buffs (esp. Radiance + Devotions + Minor Avatar) you can land everything on a dragon. Summons and mind control items (Munacra Arret, Spirit Spiral, Ring of Changing Heart) help to distract enemies while you buff (and buff and buff) yourself. I would use a priest who has another "Symbol of <whomever>" -damage type than burn. Because if you meet burn immune foes you would be screwed. Shining Beacon, Storm of Holy Fire and so on - all burn damage. So either Berath (corrode), Skaen (pierce) or Wael (freeze). 


Combusting Wounds + multiple pulsing effects is always very nice. There's also the Colored Coat which triggers Wicked Briars. That also is great with Combusting Wounds.

Paladin + Sacred Immolation, Druid with Nature's Terror & Wicked Briars + Venombloom, Wzard with Chillfog + Wall of Flame, Barbarian with Hearf of Fury and so on are all great with Combusting Wounds. My best experience with a party is with Spark the Souls of the Righteous - but when goind solo you don't have that many allied bodies. Wood Beetles and Skeletons die too fast...

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Thanks for you help!


I think I would like to roll with a chanter for my solo run.


A (short) solo chanter guide for the actual version of the game would be great, because I tend to take the wrong choices (attributes, skills, early items/quests)..


Maybe someone give me some advice to take a fresh start? Difficulty would be normal? I'm not that hardcore for PotD solo :D

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I finished the game solo potd with chanter, monk, pala, wiz, priest. Most other char i had a long play but haven't reach the end. Chanter was by far the easiest imho. You can hide yourself behind a good shield, defensive talents and a llengrath potion and just need to waith that dragon trashed kills anyone. And it doesn't need much time after all.


Paladin is super boring until lvl 13, only hack and slash the endless horde of enemies, it takes ages. Even after with sacred immolation is a bit better, but it is only 1/encounter and still have a time limit, if there are survivors you have to rely on hack and slash again. The only way i found to make pala interesting is using charming/dominating item + sworn enemy to spice up some fights.

Really how can you play pala without die of boredom? It's a sincere question i never managed to.

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