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[Bug?] Defensive talents stack with themselves



1. Start a new game

2. Create a Druid/Monk multiclass character.

3. In-game, level the character up and make sure you select "Bull's Will" twice: Once from the Druid's list; once from the Monk's.

4. Observe that both instances of Bull's Will stack with each other:







For all I know, this might as well be intended:


  • These are flat bonuses and therefore not subject to the normal Inspiration/Affliction stacking rules.
  • While they are the same talent, they are sourced from different pools in a multiclassed character—multiclass characters are supposed to synergize.
  • To get the bonus twice you need to invest twice the talent points, so it's not like it comes for free.


However, I figured I'd bring this up so that designers can confirm whether it is intended or not.

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Hey guys!


Great catch AndreaColombo! I'll add this into our database and User Reported Issues :). I also personally like the idea of changing the name, but since it doesnt fall on lil' oll me, Ill send the suggestion to the devs to assess. Thanks for your feedback!


You the best,



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I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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