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ENGINE/areas - game doesn't keep in memory the outcome of scripted interactions



So, here I was, going to dem Foothills to kill me some fish right ?

Dem fishes, good fishes be dead fishes am I right or am I right ?



So here I am like, I see dem hunt dem boars, like, they killed boars right ?

So I stealthily stealth to stealth nearby and take them by surprise (right ?).

(and I succeeded at that scripted encounter, so I was able to enter the area un-noticed, and stealthed (right ? :p))



So, after crashi quitting and restarting the game (unrelated), I load my autosave in dem Foothills... right ?


What the wat was my surprise, now when the autosave loads, I'm not stealthed, and I'm instantly greeted by chief-echo-watnot ... not right !



For some reason, the game totally forgot I'd aced that Stealth interaction and entered the map :

- at a different location

- stealthed bro, I was like, ninja stealthed (right ?)





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Well, 2 confirmed (as in, confirmed by me :p) locations are the Beach with the OP-as-fsck laguafeth, and the Foothills with Chief echo whatever.



Edit: censorship filter mistakenly mistook the nickname I gave the barbarian/monk monstrosity as offensive.

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Hey dam, Silvaren,


It looks like we have this issue resolved since the Backer Beta went live. You should defintely be saved in that sneaky ninja state if you passed the SI check :)


You the best,




I'm confused Caleb ^^'


Did you mean :

1/ "the bug is tagged as fixed internally, it'll go away in a future update"


2/ "the bug's already been fixed before the beta went live" ? (which, apparently, it hasn't ;)   )

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