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I've restarted the game, wanting to get one more run in before Deadfire, and gosh darn it if the loot isn't completely weird again!


I'm at the top floor of the temple of Eothas, and no matter what manipulation I try:


1. Resting until the next day, exiting and re-entering

2. Changing up the main character (putting him first)


the darn thing is a minor ring of deflection, and won't budge!


I took reasonable precaution, I quicksaved before opening every rando loot container, and reloaded before trying something different, so why is this happening?



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I'm not too sure, I got what I wanted from Raedric's Keep (Gloves of Manipulation on day 4) and what I wanted from the Temple of Eothas on the upper west side (Ring of Minor Protection on day 6) - so as far as I'm concerned they're working as expected for me, though many people do seem to say they've changed. I know if you haven't rested since the start of the game that can make them weird, but otherwise I don't know.


One important thing not to confuse is the "day" with the day of the month. Early game it'll say "day 6" but your day of the month will be different, and it's the day of the month that decides the items.

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It was for me, and it's reported to be in this thread (it's in a locked box in the study on the same level as Raedric himself). You can also get a Belt of Bountiful Healing and Boots of Stealth on the same day at different spots in the keep. As a lot people keep saying though for some reason they get different items.


To get there the 4th of the month at the start of the game, I normally get the Fine items from Magran's Fork, the Black Meadow and Anslog's Compass, complete the Blacksmith's quest, and sell all of them so I can get the 5000 gold Bronze Horn (which takes you to about the 2nd day of the month). Then if you climb the wall at the keep itself you need to kill one guard and one archer, and after this you can use Berath's Robes from there to go incognito. If you rest a couple of times, you should hit day 4, and then you can kill Nedmar or help him for his key - which leads you to Raedric and allows you to make the keep non-hostile so you can explore everywhere.

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I think you might have accidentally opened the chest and viewed the contents before making the save. Once that happens the loot is locked in and will not be changed, even if you didnt take the content.

Yeah, probably. It also might have something to do with the first character in the party lineup (which was Eder).


I've switched it around and booted up a old save and its back to the checklist loot.

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