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weapon focus should be there permanently





I gave the talent weapon focus to my barbarien/chanter and I have profiency for the weapons I have equiped.

However, the talent is now combat only, so you cannot see the effect in the character screen.

I think it should be there all the time so you can see your "real" accurency in the character screen.

Accurency is one of the most importent stats in the game, so its really importent to know your current base value.


- In PoE1, weapon focus was a passive skill that was always there and it was included in the accurency in the character screen.

- In PoE1 there were some "passive" abilities that were combat only too, for example "faith and devotion" of a paladin.

There it was also annoying not to know you current base defenses, especially when you consider that the defense bonus was a variable that depends on your reputation.


espected behaviour:

The effects of all passive talents should be there all the time, except when there is a really good reason why they are missing under some conditions.

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