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Enemy becomes untargettable



Not 100% sure how this happened, but the last thing that happened to the now-permanently-untargettable wurm was that he got hit by a mule kick. Something to do with the getting knocked into air bit? I dunno. Combat doesn't end no matter how far I get from it, either. I've tried hitting it with an AoE as well, but my wizard stops mid-cast (I assume that's a built-in safety feature to prevent you from wasting spells on empty air).


Picture shows the last time the wurm showed up in the combat log.




I then reloaded and got, uh...




Reloaded it again and it worked. I'd upload the save, but I apparently don't have permission?


EDIT: I should add, the wurm did nothing after it became untargettable. Just hovered there, flapping, at about 40% HP.

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Hey all!


Good catch, we actually ran into this bug right before launching backer beta. We had a funny snafoo (to me anyway) where we reported the "Wurms" as broken by Mule Kick, but the programmers thought we meant worms (Grubs) and so it was a headache for awhile. Ok, so maybe that was only funny to me :p


But we do have this issue logged and reported as it appears to happen to Wurms and Blights. 


You the best,



I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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