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Games so good it costs human misery to make them.

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Well Slayer sucks so that's reason enough :p

**** you.

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I'd say the answer to that question is kind of like the answer to "who's the sucker in this poker game?"*


*If you can't tell, it's you. ;)


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Sent from my Stone Tablet, using Chisel-a-Talk 2000BC.


Let's Play/AAR Europa Universalis 1: Austria Grand Campaign (completed)

Let's Play/AAR Europa Universalis 2: Xhosa Grand Campaign (completed)


My PS Platinums - 19 games so far (my PSN profile):

1) God of War III - PS3 - 24+ hours

2) Final Fantasy XIII - PS3 - 130+ hours

3) White Knight Chronicles International Edition - PS3 - 525+ hours

4) Hyperdimension Neptunia - PS3 - 80+ hours

5) Final Fantasy XIII-2 - PS3 - 200+ hours

6) Tales of Xillia - PS3 - 135+ hours

7) Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 - PS3 - 152+ hours

8.) Grand Turismo 6 - PS3 - 81+ hours (including Senna Master DLC)

9) Demon's Souls - PS3 - 197+ hours

10) Tales of Graces f - PS3 - 337+ hours

11) Star Ocean: The Last Hope International - PS3 - 750+ hours

12) Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - PS3 - 127+ hours

13) Soulcalibur V - PS3 - 73+ hours

14) Gran Turismo 5 - PS3 - 600+ hours

15) Tales of Xillia 2 - PS3 - 302+ hours

16) Mortal Kombat XL - PS4 - 95+ hours

17) Project CARS Game of the Year Edition - PS4 - 120+ hours

18) Dark Souls - PS3 - 197+ hours

19) Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory - PS3 - 238+ hours

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I'm sure SOMEONE herr will argue this lol


If we're being honest, how good (or how quality) games are, are truly subjective to each player induvidually which clouds everyone's sense of reason to begin with since we are all drawn to different things.


However, I will say that some games costs more human misery to make them more than others...

^Hyper Light Drifter is such an example, the developer was literally so sick that he could not finish the Switch port. Dealing with a life-threatening situation and interjecting that negative energy into something great is something nobody here can do, hell, nobody in the industry has ever done it before (if I'm wrong, someone feel free to correct this) It should be commended.


^That Dragon Cancer is another great example in which no other game can match. Here you have a couple who made a game based on the true story of losing their child to cancer. It's possibly the most painstakingly game to develop emotionally wise.

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Just what do you think you're doing?! You dare to come between me and my prey? Is it a habit of yours to scurry about, getting in the way and causing bother?


What are you still bothering me for? I'm a Knight. I'm not interested in your childish games. I need my rest.


Begone! Lest I draw my nail...

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