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I really wanted to play with a warbow because of Borresaine, considered to give it to Kana for the passive play of the chanter, but the problem is that when you need to cast the invocation and you're in reloading it takes ages. Warbow + Penetrating Shot is a necessity but the payoff is maybe meh.


But in reality it's a consideration I can do for any caster using a weapon and gets stucked in the reload time, you need to wait long before casting a spell.


And then I thought, what happens if I have Quick Switch? Well...if the weapon is still in the attacking animation after hitting and I switch, the quick switch does its work pretty fast and I'm already ready to do whetever I want! Attack with another weapon or cast!

Borresaine -> quick switch -> Warbow -> quick switch -> Borresaine, and I don't need to wait the recovery time, this doesn't work with firearm weaps, the reload time still there for them. Maybe I can stunlock with Sagani and vicious aim and little effort.


Then my Xaurip's clever mind said, wait, but what happens to spells? Druid's spells have so long recovery...*cof* quick switch works with spells too.


Ok, having a full party of quick switcher can be frustrating, the chanter can be used more actively but for the rest seems lame to me :D

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Well, the base recovery for usual slow spells is 100 frames (or 3.3333s).

Using Quick Switch to skip it may be nice, especially in upcoming Deadfire where we will get longer cast times. But in PoE1 imho that's an overkill, because:

- of the additional micro and 1 talent cost

- with DAoM potion/DAoM spell/Time Siphon and gauntlets of swift action you can already cast with zero recovery, in durganized scale armor or lower

- some slow spells (e.g. Ringleader) actually have very fast recovery (0.27s); I haven't checked druid spells though

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At low level the impact isn't marginal if you take in consideration that you don't have always access to spells/potions cause of materials and you can't durganize everything, you need to choice.


I'm happy of this because makes relevant things they deserve love, but maybe It's something to check for the future :p


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