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Hello Friends,


I love RPG games but because I think I suffer some degree of OCD, It become HELL to try to create a character when a game forces you to. So many options... I usually have to restart over and over because I don't know what I want to play.


Not this time. This time I've already made my mind. I want to play a dwarf priest of Magran. Shield/Sword and Arquebus. I already have the portrait.


What I need is advice in how to distribute the stats.


According to the game, a priest needs Intelligence, Might, Resolve and Dextery. But I've read Perception is a MUST for casters (a priest is a caster, isnt?). So, how should I distribute the stats? I don't want to min/max.


I want to roleplay the character, so, What's the best dwarf race? What would be the best origin and background?


Thank you in advance :)

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You don't necessarily need high PER in a priest, simply because priests have many ways to buff accuracy. The most important things for a priest are high MIG and INT, followed closely by DEX, IMO. You might want to check out MaxQuest's "Godhammer" fire priest build. See: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86277-class-build-fire-priest-ranged-sup-offdps/

Thank you very much.

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So the first things to keep in mind are that stats aren't that important, and you can respec pretty easily if you're unsatisfied. Don't feel like you have to hit the optimal array out of the gate.


Intelligence and dexterity are good for pretty much everything you do as a priest: dex helps you get more spells off, and almost everything you cast has an AOE, a duration, or both for int to boost.


Might is useful both offensively to boost damage and defensively to heal. Most healing spells are bad, but the good spells are quite good, so it's a decent investment even if you're going for a buffbot and essential if you want to emphasize offense.


Resolve is generally pretty lackluster, there are lots of ways to boost deflection and concentration usually isn't that important.


Perception is entirely a role question; it gives you accuracy, which is very valuable if you want to be primarily an offensive caster and not important at all if you primarily want to be defensive.


IMO, you lose less building a non-min-maxed buffbot than offensive priest; the array here is an example. There are some min-maxed offensive arrays here; you won't lose much by moving a few points from the maxes to the mins.

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You make some great points, MountainTiger. Personally, I do not like min-maxed builds, and I am generally reluctant to take any stats below 8. I like AndreaColumbo's priest build; for a more melee oriented priest, you might consider taking a few points off of DEX as RES and add them to MIG, for MIG 14, CON 10, DEX 16, PER 10, INT 16, RES 12.

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