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Can anyone give me a way on how to use it? Like i know that there's a bug where it still hits your allies even if they are in the yellow template and all but i really want to make a character who utilizes this skill.

I just need pointers or insights on how to properly use it, when to use it, stat and ability allocation and the optimal party composition (non-custom)

I know it's not a great skill but any tip would be appreciated.

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- get Scion of Flame

- put your ranger in front

- either in flank, and thus you'll need a narrow cone (pistol/arquebus)

- or put him in the middle of frontline with a wider cone (blunderbuss)



Blunderbuss: 2m burn, 135° arc/ 8m regular shot range

Pistol: 6m burn, 30° arc/ 8m regular shot range

Arquebus: 5m burn, 45° arc/ 10m regular shot range



You can take Quick Switch, Arms Bearer, and equip your ranger in heavy armor.

Because you will max MIG and INT, your deflection will be so-so. Swaddling Sheet and Shod-in-Faith will help you out.

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With Merciless Hand (Doemenel), Scion of Flame, Quick Switch and Arms Bearer it's quite nice. Use Blunderbusses and "flank" enemy groups. Put on the Crossed Patch if you got it from a stronghold adventure (prevents self blinding). A priest with a liturgy against blind would be an alternative. Penetrating Shot doesn't work with it, but it's good for blunderbusses of course.


Make sure to put a burning lash onto your weapons as well and get Silver Flash. Lead Spitter is also good, as is Scon Mica's Roar. Fire Scon Mica's, then Silver Flash, then Lead Spitter. Also use Driving Flight.


A wizard with Expose Vulnerabilities and Ryona's Vambraces for you are also good. If you want you can even dump the Devil of Caroc into the blood pool and gain an additional DR bypass.


As I said, lashes don't care about DR bypass, as well a Powder Burns - but they both like Expose Vulnerabilities.


I don't know if Archer's Gloves/Cloak of the Frozen Hunt or items with +10% spell damage work with Powder Burns.


AoE CC is essential to cause crits which work very well with Powder Burns.

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