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When are you guys gonna open up a gear store?


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Been there, asked that question in the past! (April 2006)


(from an old ask FU a number of questions thread)


"I'm cheating outragously and posting two questions in one post:

1) Business Development Manager being part of your description, what is in your personal assessment at the time of writing the most profitable (ROI ?) market gaming wise and will you/Obsidian have a go at that market ? Why/Why not ?

Not so much platforms, but game genres and demographic target groups.

2) How do you (and your fellow Obsidianites for that matter) feel about merchandising ?

Will we see g-strings with Obsidian logos, t-shirts with your resident artists concept art on them, coffee cup with your portrait on it etc.

I for one would buy at least 5 cups, one with each company founder on it, if it would support one of those less profitable isometric party based crpgs being self published and developed... wink.png"

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Oh, I'd definetly get myself a pair of g-strings.

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need a better logo for us to buy their gear.


we still use cave dog games stuff 'cause we like their logo.






old black isle logo were nice too.


HA! Good Fun!


ps late edit: cavedog was almost frozen yak entertainment, and their backup logo were still better than obsidian's




the gif version were only used for an april fools event... visualize w/o the, well, 'yaking.'

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