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Burnt Offerings Scenerio names vs character completion



I'm running through with some new characters and as I try to work on the Burnt Offerings Adventure I notice I'm not getting Scenerio rewards for these new characters (skills..feats..etc. I know no gold for replays). I wondered if I was forgetting what Scenerio I had already done, so I checked my completion tab for the characters. Nothing matched.


Scenerio selection list:

Attack on Sandpoint

Local Heros

Trouble in Sandpoint

Approach to Thistletop

Thistetop Delve


Character Completion list:

Haunted Past

The Devil of Sandpoint

Attack on Sandpoint

Meeko in a Bag

Thistletop in Peril


That all said, completing Attack on Sandpoint doesn't check off Haunted Past nor Attack on Sandpoint.


In game VER-955-20170615

App Store says

iPhone 6S

iOS 10.3.2

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I also have the exact same issue. None of my characters can complete but the levels are the same as theyvwere just different names in completetion and thus no advancement. Thanks in advanced email for your help.

Ver 968-20170623

PFID 6AEC261CDE74043

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My three characters finished 5 scenarios of Burnt Offerings, however, none of them shown completion in Burnt Offerings of their character sheets.


I have redo the scenario but still not updated.


Please help.


Thanks a lot.


VER: 973-20170627

PFID: 1DAC14CEEB672320

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I was experiencing a similar issue as described in another thread:




Is anyone still looking at this issue? I see a lot of accounts being shared, but nothing from a dev since the initial reply.


I don't mean this in any like, threatening way, but I haven't played this game in a while because of this issue. It's sitting there on my phone's home page, but I'm playing Ascension instead because it works.

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