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  1. Yes, I found the similar bug in Rise of the Golbins as well. I played in Steam (PC) and IOS (ipad & iphone) and Android. When I create a team in Rise of the Golbins, it cannot sync and disappear to either IOS or Android. However, when I checked the characters of the team, they are locked and cannot delete or add to another team. So I played in Steam again and found the team is there!? Then I use Steam to delete the characters (and team) in order to release the characters' slots.
  2. Same here. I open a Goblins team in PC but cannot find in iPad. I cannot delete a Goblin character in iPad as the team is disappeared in iPad. The Goblin character is locked and can't select as well.
  3. Hello, My three characters finished 5 scenarios of Burnt Offerings, however, none of them shown completion in Burnt Offerings of their character sheets. I have redo the scenario but still not updated. Please help. Thanks a lot. VER: 973-20170627 PFID: 1DAC14CEEB672320
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