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Didn't get my Skill feat?



I completed "Perils of the Lost Coast" and the first scenario on the next adventure ("Attack on Sandpoint") with my first ever party. My characters only have 1 Skill Upgrade each (eg +2 Strength on Valeros). Shouldn't they have 2 skill upgrades each?  "Perils" Adventure Reward is a Skill Feat and "Attack on Sandpoint" scenario reward is a Skill Feat also, which to me means I should have 2 skill upgrades on each character?


I check my characters "Completion", they all have a tick on the 3 scenarios in in Perils, but NO tick on "Attack on Sandpoint". So I tried playing Sandpoint again. Now the Sandpoint adventure (on the map) has two ticks against it, but my characters still have no tick on "Attack on Sandpoint" on their character sheet, and only one skill feat each.


Am I missing something?


Note that the state of the game at the start of this post (before I replayed "Attack on Sandpoint" a second time) came from my iPad version. That was back in the early days when the game was very buggy and also I might have completed a mission while outside of wifi range or not logged into my account (all that stuff was buggy back then) so it might have got my game in a bugged state. For that second attempt on "Attack on Sandpoint" I beat it on my Steam account.


Should I just scrap all these characters and start over again?


I also notice that the "Start" button on Steam has an exclamation like I've never started the game, even though I have (on my iPad but not on Steam, where I went straight to "Continue")

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Hey, I'm seeing a similar issue (thought I'm not so early in the game).


I skipped the second Adventure (the one that starts with Attack on Sandpoint, can't remember the name) with Valeros when I initially played, so he's missing rewards from there. I decided to go back later and get them, but I'm completing scenarios and not getting rewards.


If I go and look at completion, it looks weird. There are locks on all adventures but that one and it shows that none of my characters have completed it (though they obviously have since I am on like, 4-2 overall with those characters).


Is something buggy with the completion stuff?

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There seems to be wrong names in adventure Path Burnt Offerings. I have always done the whole adventure with same group so I don't have had those catch up problems...

Not sure if that different named scenarios Are the reason for not getting rewarsd to those persons who come back to fill unplayed scenarios. There is another threath that handles this problem of having wrong named scenarios in level one adventures.

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Are there really only two people who've experience this, and regardless, does it not warrant a response?


Not just you.  There's a similar report over here:


[burnt Offerings Scenerio names vs character completion]


Whatever the root cause is, this group of issues is likely related.

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