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Good paladin build that uses weapon and shield?

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Preferrably one that doesn't involve rotating with arquebuses or whatever. Basically, I'm trying to think how I want to set up Pallegina since I feel like I need another damage dealer atm, but I can't decide whether I want her to be on support AI or aggressive AI since she could probably deal damage and support at the same time, but I can't decide, lol.... XD


hrm, I think I'll put her in tanky support role maybe for now....


edit: She's getting badly hurt a good deal, not sure how to fix that....  I think I'll respec her into using a weapon and shield....

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It works like so:


The marking character ("marker") has to click on the target with an attack (auto-attack or special targeted attack. AoE attacks that use the ground as possible target don't work).

As long as the marker keeps attacking the target the party member who stands nearest and attacks the same target gets +10 accuracy for any type of attack (here, AoE attacks also profit, examples below). Reloading, recovery and so on don't interrupt marking. As long as the marker is in the usual attack cycle he will provide the bonus.


If the marker uses healing or any other action that interrupts his attacking, the marking will be lost. It will work again as soon as the marker clicks on the target again with an attack (or if the AI chooses to attack).


This seems like a lot of hassle, but the great thing is that marking stacks with any other accuracy bonus and won't get suppressed. If you handle it in a smart way, you can give a single party member +30 stackable accuracy with marking alone: dual wield two marking weapons and pick Coordinated Attacks. Those all stack and will further stack with Zealous Focus for example. If you're a Darcozzi paladin you can even stack +10 ACC with Inspiring Liberation on top. If you have a priest you can add Devotions and Inspring Radiance, too.


A few examples:


- Pallegina with Shame or Glory and Coordinated Attacks attacks a dragon with auto-attacks.

- Edér stands nearest and tries a Knockdown on the dragon. He has Disciplined Barrage on.

- Edér's Kockdown will have the following bonuses: +20 Disciplined Barrage, +10 marking, +10 Coordinated Attacks, + Edèr's level as ACC bonus for Knockdown (every ability based attack, including spells, have this, stacks with everything, too) and + Weapon Focus and weapon enchantment and whatnot.

- Edér will most likely knock down the dragon even though dragons have +10 resistance to Knockdown


- Pallegina (same setup) attacks a Xaurip High Priest. Around the priest stands a bunch of other xaurips.

- Durance stands nearest and casts Shining Beacon on the whole bunch.

- Durance hits all xaurips with the usual ACC and the High Priest with +20 ACC (resulting in a crit most of the time)


and so on.


Also note that as soon as the character that benefits from marking stops attacking, the marking bonus will go to the next nearest party member who is attacking the same target.



- Pallegina attacks same Xaurip High Priest.

- Durance stands nearest and casts Shining Beacon (same result as above). After casting he switches to idle mode. This is automatically done if AI is off.

- Aloth stands a bit farther away and starts casting Freezing Pillar. Freezing Pilllar hits the xaurip bunch after Shining Beacon, Durance is already in idle mode. Aloth will get +20 ACC for the Xaurip High Priest.


It is the time of the hits that count, not the time when the attacks are started. So it's enough if Durance turns idle just a fraction of a second before Aloth's spell hits and the marking bonus will go from Durance to Aloth.

Since it's very difficult to hit at the exact same time with two casters' spells (and luckily so), most of the time all casters will benefit from marking - if AI is off and they all hit the marked target at some point - with any kind of attack.


Marking can't be applied in an AoE (carnage doesn't work, Torment's Reach doesn't work and so on). It only marks a single target. Thus, it's a great tool do quickly disable or kill dangerous single enemies.


While makring from dual wielding stacks, it doesn't stack if you use two maker chars on the same target (don't ask me why, it's just like that).


You can also do something like this:


- Priest casts Inspiring Radiance and Devotions of the Faithful (+30 ACC for paladin no. 2)

- Paladin no. 1, Darcozzi, with two marking weapons and Coordinated Attacks, Liberating Exhortation and Zealous Focus attacks dragon and casts the exhortation of paladin no. 2 (+46 ACC for paladin no. 2).

- Paladin no. 2, Bleak Walker, Remember Rhakan Field, Firebrand, Sworn Enemy, Merciless Hand, Azalin's Helmet, Dungeon Delver, Weapon Focus whatever, Savage Attack, Two Handed Style, Intense Flames, Scion of Flame, Beast Slayer attacks dragon with Flames of Devotion (+44 ACC + lvl + lvl*3 ACC + 25 base ACC).


So, the Bleak Walker will attack the  dragon with an ACC bonus of +120 ACC + lvl + lvl*3 + 25 base ACC. He will deal a crit 100% of times and do +150% crit damage bonus, + all the other damage mods I listed above (including Sworn Enemy's +20% bonus and so on). He will deal massive damage to the dragon.


Best would be if a wizard would have cast a petrifiy on the dragon first (also profiting from priest's buffs and paladin No. 1's marking stuff).


As you might guess marking + coordinated attacks is one of the best ways to deal with dragons, charm them, knock them down, stun them... whatever. 


I tested all this (again) two days ago for another thread, so i'm 100% sure it works this way. ;)

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