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I believe I've found my answers by searching, but I want to be sure.


In the current version,

  1. Do some/all/no Phrases stack?
  2. Does Ancient Memory stack?


My thinking is that if they DON'T stack, I only need two Chanters in my party. If they DO stack, I may just go with 5 or 6.  :)


Thank you!

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All damaging phrases stack completely. That's it with the chants. The 30pt shielding chant kind of stacks as well. It surpresses each other but once 30pts are used up the formerly suppressed shield kicks in immediately.


Ancient Memory and Beloved Spirits stack as well. They stack with every other healing source, too.


6 chanters with Dragon Thrashed as the only phrase and 6 times Ancient Memory, Beloved Spirits and Veteran's Recovery as well as survival 14 is pretty OP. :)

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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