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Every character has their own weak point and stron points. You now have the nimike agility thief and Divine caster healer. Go next either to arcane caster or close combat specialist. There Are Many conversations in these forums about characters, but all in all it depends on you Gaming Style.


Starting tips: improve you decks. See what type of cards Are in each locations. Hunt down bows and slings to your thief. Good melee weapons to your cleric among some good Divine spells like cure, augury and Holy ligtht. And collect all cards that allows you to check cards in the location deck like spy class and similar.

If third character is melee like Valeros or Amiri. Pack magical weapons and magical armors to them. If you go for the arcane caster like Seoni or Ezren get some arcane attack spells and maybe some Augyry too.

Then everything you find should be usefull to someone in The croup. Collect allies that allow exploring!

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I nave Rogue and Cleric atm and have 2000 gold so i can buy a new basic char.  atm i have big problems to beat aldern in foxglow manor. So i need a little tip about my party


Depending on how much you want to wait, here are several recomendations


1-. The character Add-on deck (6000 gold for Amiri, Seelah, Lini and Sajan plus deck C) is great. If you don't have an urgent need to add extra characters, saving for the pack is really worth.


2-. Be aware that 2000g is for the base character only, the Alternate characters are either worth either 6k or 7k, and include both the alternate and the base version. Some alts are better that thier base counterpart, and the opposite, but in case you find an alternate is better, saving to get it (and obtain the base version as well) may be worth.


3-. You're still in time to play quest mode. Once version is released QM will be removed and players will be granted gold and chests based on their highest QM character level (100g/level, extra 1000g if you happen to have a lv40, plus up to 10 chests), so focusing on QM may be interesting.


4-. The first two adventures are heavily discounted, and specially now, Legendary Local Heroes (Adv 2) is possibly one of the fastest ways to "farm" gold. Accessing it ASAP is really interesting.


5-. If you REALLY need a new 2000g character, I'd go base Seelah (paladin). It's an extremely solid character, specially later on (once she gets access to roles) and performs really well in almost all situations. It's consistently considered one of the best (if not the best) characters in ROTR. Her alternate version may be considered even better, though.


6-. PA requires a lot of grinding. You'll have to re-run older adventures in order to get better cards. Rushing too fast and hitting a brick wall is common. Go back to "easy" adventures and farm some cards. My recommendations:


Weapons: Magic Melee weapons on Kyra (if you can get the Flaming Mace, much better, you'll want it later). Magic crossbows for Merisiel (once you have access to Character Pack, farm the Undead's bane x-bow)

Armor: Any will do, as long as you are able to recharge them (they're most of the time dead weight in your hand, you want to get rid of them ASAP). The Festive Wool Hide on Merisiel (she can always evade difficult encounters) is actually nice for getting blessings.

Spells: For a Cleric, Kyra actually has not that many spell slots. So you'll probably stick to support spells. Cures, Holy lights (if you happen to find 'em), and Augury (the more characters, the more important deck manipulation becomes) are important.

Items: Focus on items that recharge to succeed (Masterwork Tools, Crown of charisma,...), and specially, a wand of lesser healing on Merisiel

Allies: Stick with Allies that recharge for a die bonus to base stats plus discard to explore. You'll use them mostly for extra explores but sometimes recharging for an extra dice is nice. If you can get a Father Zanthus for Merisiel, go for him.

Blessings: For Kyra, you'll want to start stockpiling Sarenrae's (she'll be able to recharge those once she enables roles); and a mix of "2 dice to X stat" blessings for Merisiel (she'll be able to recharge ANY blessing as long as it's used to buff a dexterity roll, this way you may recharge you least useful blessings for combat rolls, while keeping in hand the ones that can net you 2 extra dice to critical rolls)


7-. Finally, know the characters and their mechanics. Merisiel is great for deck thinning since she can always Evade, and the most important part of it is that when you Evade you get a location deck reshuffle. It's not the best deck manipulation method, but still good enough if she gets many turns (Meri performs decently well on solo runs because of this). Kyra, sadly, is not that great and more prone to supportive roles, her main power being how safe she is by healing, although still too slow to consistently clear locations.

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I just buy char pack with 4 char dot 6k gold.

Now if i understand well i need to restart game.


I was thinking to a party with paladin-barbarian-rogue-cleric. Or just do a 6 man party with all chars i bot.

I try a little druid but i am not sure how good she is.


Also i dont understand how i access to acrobat skill for Rouge for example.


Another info is that i dont get prompted to modify my decks when i started so i dont know if is possoble to modify it.

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I try a little druid but i am not sure how good she is.


Lini is a heavy support character. Her main advantage is that she can buff any check she has to do herself by revealing an animal ally  (and since allies are her favored cards, she always starts with one). That essentially means she has a "free" 1D4 +X (usually +3 or +4) to any check. She also has the advantage that she recharges animal allies, so sometimes she may get "free explores" (many animal allies have "discard to explore").She's mainly used for healing and to deal with "hard checks" (like closing locations, or locations that require rolls from time to time). She's also good for boon farming.


Her main issues are that she usually will be stuck with a 6 hand, a little small, and since she has no weapons (giving her one "may" be interesting, but you may have a hard time digging for it on your deck since she has a such a small hand size), you don't want her to fight a lot, so you'll probably run her by casting Augurys to manipulate location decks, getting some curses here and there and slowly clearing locations that require checks from time to time or when you don't have a specialised character for closing them. The best of her spellcasting is that she has access to many spells, and she can easily recharge her spells because of her companion power.


Essentially, as long as you consistently require to roll not up to 10-12 difficulty she's probably the safest character to make those rolls without the need of commiting extra cards.


Also i dont understand how i access to acrobat skill for Rouge for example.


Roles are unlocked for characters that beat The Hook Mountain Massacre (Adventure pack 3)



Another info is that i dont get prompted to modify my decks when i started so i dont know if is possoble to modify it.


When you create a new party but before you play any scenario you can click on Manage Decks and will be able to edit your decks with any basic cards you have unlocked. Once you play a single scenario this feature gets locked out.

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Is worth buy Ezrael or Seoni or Lem (basic)?


I alrady bougth 6000 gold pack and complete first 5 adventure with 4 man party. I dont use barbarian and mono


Ezrel is a good character with his enormous hand... but he has ZERO blessings and,as you'll already know... blessings are basically the best type of card in the game granting dices when you need them most. Early on Blessings are helpful... but as the grame progresses they start being almost mandatory for several situations where you need to dump a pile of dice to ensure a roll succeeds. And sadly, in combat terms is not one of the best characters, while he has a big hand so may essentially have the correct spell for almost any situation, in RAW damage terms he ends up needing some help. His Alt version is considered "slightly" better; althouh the alt version gets -1 arcane (a huge nerf), he gets pretty nice compensations (specially the ability to draw items with the magic trait, so he can cycle faster and make some interesting combos). Finally, his chance for extra explores when he picks something with the magic trait, although not game-breaking is useful in several locations and specially later on where more cards found will be magical.


Seoni is good in both versions, but her Alt is better. First of all her alt gets +1 to Arcane, that really helps on combat (on 99% of the combats you don't need to roll exceptionally high, you need to roll enough to beat the check, and an extra +1 to arcane is a +1 to the minimum you'll roll, the total opposite of Ezren). Second, she has access to an extra spell (to a cap of 7 instead of her 6 limit from the base), and finally, since she auto recharges spells, you can freely give her the most powerful arcane spells without the worry of losing them. Her main issue is that, later on, her deck starts growing too big so sometimes she won't have a combat spell at hand.


Lem is a heavy support, he performs better when paired with other characters so he can buff their rolls, but when alone his power is just a Recharge version of Lini's animal companion power. His best part is that he has access to both arcane and divine spells, so you can actually build him in several ways... and with his power you can actually build a heavy offensive caster variation. I mainly use Lem as a deck manipulator and buffer, pair him with a fast explorer (namely, Seelah or, specially, an Exorcist Kyra/Sunwrought Kyra), then manipulate decks with Lem and have the other hero in the location clear everything with Lem buffing rolls if needed.

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