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Wonderful Strategy guide. Game changing for all new players. Experienced players already got the concepts, but there they are explained really very well.


Could be possible to integrate it as second tutorial as textual recap? Better redundant and easy accessible than forgotten.

It would be very useful for sure, like adding some combat example (just textual description) for practical explanations how some combat works (type and number of cards that can/can't be used, type and number of blessing that can be added in particular cases, effect of changing the attribute of a combat).


An other great help could be a commented scenario periodically, to build a kind of archive from Normal to Heroic to Legendary on the forum. You already did the base, but it can't cover all the complexity of the game. Also it could be possible to add one own streaming or recording of the scenario for the selection of the best of the week. That would be an activity involving for months the community.

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