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I am struggling to find these gloves and found they are a random loot item according to the Pillars wiki.  The wiki mentions that for each twenty-day month, the items are guaranteed to spawn on certain days and are computed on looting, not loading the map.  


I have tried in two places (I don't have a ton left to try) to obtain them by resting until the right time (the spawns in Cragholdt and Iron Flail Fort, to clarify), and the wiki information has been incorrect.  Additionally, I have rested longer and tried to open the chests on other days and acquired the same item.  Was there a change to the behavior of these containers?


Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks! 

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I am certain I am.  While I wasn't yet tracking the data when I was going through WM1 content, I know that on my save file it is using the wiki.  I read this line here: "Which item appears in a random loot container is not truly random, but depends on the day number of the current month of the in-game calendar (ie. not on a gameplay time), and is computed on first opening of the container (ie. not on first load of the map)"


I'm reasonably far into the year, but I did some extra resting (still waiting on Helwax Mold so I figured why not) and tried the Iron Flail Fort book in WM2 on the 20th of Tarestu (the chart says the 20th has the gauntlets) as well as the trapped chest on the western ridge of Cragholdt on the 9th of Préauton (the chart also says that the 9th has them for the Cragholdt chest), and got Glanfathan Adraswen and Gauntlets of Deflection, respectively.


I am still in Act II, and so I have a few random chests remaining to try in Twin Elms, but with the chart not working for me I feel blind.  Ultimately I'm sure I'll make sure to first enter Blood Sands and Galawain's Maw on certain in-game days and hopefully come out with the gloves, but I understandably wanted to see if I could get them earlier.

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Developers introduced a change to the loot tables. And it happens every time you roll a character. I started two times the same character (Ranger) to find the stalker's torc on gilded vale and I got different results. While on one I get it on day 17, the other character was on day 19. So fixed loot tables based on daytime won't work anymore.


I used the console and advancetimebyhours. So, there is no reliable method of getting what do you want on a certain location without savescumming. If the location of the random drop is not locked the loot is generated when you enter on the area for the first time.


Talking about gauntlets of swift speed is not a fixed location. I played again Durgan's Battery Foundry and I got other pack of gauntlets, sadly :(

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If the tables have changed again the only solution you have is to test again a full month cycle and see if the gloves appear another day.


And I'm almost certain that they have changed, probably in 3.05, since I did a full 20 day cycle test of Raedric's Hold's main floor containers and items like the Gloves of Manipulation didn't appear at all.


EDIT: interesting indika_tates. Thanks for testing that.

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