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About playing as a psychopath

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Uh, yeah, if you're going to go kill every single NPC, I guess there will be no one left to give you quest rewards.


May I suggest that you play a more subtle psychopath who only kills occasionally? And y'know, there's the occasional quest to kill a baby or feed a little girl to a zombie. I think these are perfectly good psychopathic outlets.

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So, unlike in the "Kill the caravan" quest, killing NPCs WILL result in failing quests and therefore screw leveling, right?

Just want to be sure...


Killing every NPC is not playing a psychopath.  It's playing Diablo in a RPG. It's not roleplay. So, instead of saying "playing a psychopath", say "butchering everything, because i can't be bothered with RPG mechanics in my current playthrough (or all of them)". Playing an actual psychopath is actually pretty hard in my opinion. Because it has to be subtle.


Plus, you won't only screw leveling. You'll screw the whole game, since i guess there are no immortal NPC in Pillars. This includes the NPC that are necessary in order to progress in the  quests, main one included.

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There are no unkillable npcs (i think) but i know of one that will end the game right there. Also i think they planned for user killing everyone so i would think the leveling would be fine.

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