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I dont understand the concept of tgis work ethic when playing games.


I need to be rewarded when playing this game.

I need to get experience when i explore more.

I need to level when i accomplish things.


The game itself is the reward.

Its not work.

Its leisure time.

Youre having fun.

You explore to see things. Not to get numeric values upgrades.


It even counts double for this genre... It's RPG for god's sake.


Sounds like an exhausting way of spending any free time.



Personally for me the leveling is a side effect. Something that makes me better so i can go explore harder areas or confront bigger foes.



When the cap stops most of the content is end game content. Which means youre free of the upgrading and can now do what you want.


Heck... players in Warcraft or a lot of MMORPGs just rush through the leveling to get to that END GAME content.



Why are people approaching gaming like its a dayjob and they need hourly minimum wage


Sounds weird to me... you don't just wanna know what happens next in the story? That should be it. The upgrading is just a newly recieved key everytime so you could open the door after the door after the door of the tale thats being told...

Oh please! You're playing a CRPG but don't get why people like to get rewards and like to level? The distinguishing feature of the genre is the reward mechanic, the loot, the leveling, getting stronger, getting new abilities. Of course the story is important, but if it was only about the story I could as well read a book or whatch a movie or play any other kind of game that tells a story. A lot of them do. To say that people who enjoy the reward part are treating the game like work is just silly. Obviously they enjoy it because it's fun.
I couldnt care a rats ass for leveling.

I autolevel all my npcs.

I get most passive upgrades for me so i wouldnt need to micro a lot and maybe choose an ability that i never use...passives are always on. I never rush to an npc companion to get them before they are higher level. I only upgrade equipment once every 2 or 3 waves of story insteead of every map or hub plus quest


In poe1 i think after chapter 1 i re equiped my party like 5x. And only in the last did i enchant.


I finish every game with a pocket full of money i never use.


Not everybody has Game Asperger's...

I really don't care how you play your game. It's not my business, no opinion whatsoever about it. But I do find it bloody ridiculous that you act all superior and diagnose people with aspergers for enjoying the core feature of CRPGs in a CRPG.
Youre the one with the condescending reply


@ oh please post



And enjoying a feature isnt aspergers.

The aspergers is going mental about it when it isnt 100% to your liking?


Are you playing the same game as me?


Cause my pillars was awesome. Everything i wanted. It was a homerun.


So far youve not confronted 1 thing i said you made statements i never said. Half truths. If thats the way you wanna justify your bs then by all means. Carry on.

Anybody who can read can see if i say something and you dont even argue AGAINST what im saying but just spout some banalities and truisms then the dialogue has already ended. Drone on.


Speck of dirt in my existence.


And thats the last thing im gonna say about it.

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"No, I am not mistaking incompetence for stupidity. We'll use the definition you just provided. Any of the three things you listed, if true, would get somebody fired and, depending on the circumstances, might get the hiring manager fired as well."




If you fail to recognize that incompetence can be corrected while stupidity not so easily (sometimes impossible), then may Joe Pesci have mercy on your soul. Also stay away from managing people.

You also think incompetence is on par with stupidity, that's why you quickly jumped to defend dev feelings whining about how rude my comment was, good grief!

It is not.



 In the U.S., the difference between incompetence and stupidity is that a stupid person doesn't get hired; an incompetent person has one quarter to fix that condition before getting fired. Calling someone incompetent is the same as calling for someone to be fired. If you are from someplace where the situation is different, you might not have realized that but , by now, if you have been paying attention, you do.


Also not taking someone serious just because you feel insulted by a rude comment means you're a narcissist. That's what you're trying to portray the devs?


No. I have portrayed you as rude, which you have confirmed with your rude reply to me. I have not portrayed the devs as narcissists. 



But then you state that they don't get insulted by my rude comment anyway because PoE was "successful and critically acclaimed game." (you even highlight it).

That's the dumbest logic I ever heard. Why would they think their XP income design has a flaw when they have such a great gem of a game on their hands? Duh...


 You still haven't understood the point. The game was successful. It was critically acclaimed and profitable. Undoubtedly,  the employees at Obsidian who worked on the game went for their annual performance reviews and got high marks. Then you come along and and make the ridiculous statement that they are incompetent (in case you've forgotten from two paragraphs ago, in the U.S., that means you recommend firing them). Of course nobody at Obsidian is going to take your attempted insults seriously and it undermines the point you are trying to make. 



I am done debating with obtuse chaps like you.


 You aren't debating. You are missing the point, getting angry and hurling insults. 

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Also not taking someone serious just because you feel insulted by a rude comment means you're a narcissist.

Sounds more like being a parent than being a narcissist. I mean not the "feeling insulted" part, but he part where I ignore my kids as long as they can't articulate their troubles and wishes in a somewhat decent manner.


Also, it seems to be more obtuse to ignore several good arguments (like those from Gromnir) than to give you some insight why you won't get sh!t in life if you can't express yourself politely.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Let's keep any further derogatory remarks, insulting associations and borderline personal attacks out the discussion please.

Fortune favors the bald.

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The PnP RPGs I played the most where Traveler and FASA Star Trek. Neather of which had levels or significant character progression. So I would say that "leveling" is not a requirement for an RPG.


On NWN2, that was far more linear than PoE, and the optional sidequests where presented in such a way that most players would be likely to do most of them. It was really the Endless Paths that messed up the progression in PoE. Skip that and the bounty quests and the experience rewards are pretty much spot on, with maximum level reached just before the final dungeon (with the bonus of better paced story).

Everyone knows Science Fiction is really cool. You know what PoE really needs? Spaceships! There isn't any game that wouldn't be improved by a space combat minigame. Adding one to PoE would send sales skyrocketing, and ensure the game was remembered for all time!!!!!

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 I ignore my kids as long as they can't articulate their troubles and wishes in a somewhat decent manner.






Then you're as competent as a parent the same way Obsidian was as competent designing their leveling.

Hey daddy! Know that you're just another butthurt person at someone that had the audacity to also tell the devs bluntly they're incompetent in designing  a healthy XP progression. 


You try to belittle me as much as you wish and continue to be as thoughtful and mature as a father likes to think he is, but  for me the time for decency is over after all this time and patches to no avail regarding this issue.



"Also, it seems to be more obtuse to ignore several good arguments (like those from Gromnir)"


Sorry, I can't  acknowledge someone who talks about himself in the third person.

You do that for me instead and feel free to comment.

You should keep those 5026 posts up and rolling anyway you can!



I hope for Deadfire they were somehow enlightened and will make a progression system not tailored for superficial playing (for players that I bet didn't even finished act I) or for those who autolevel their characters and think that they are just playing an interactive novel instead of an RPG.


Isn't enough that Deadfire will have a "Story mode" difficulty?

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  After my realization that White March has the same XP reward problem, I don't even have the drive to launch game anymore because I hated so much reaching Twin Elms with a level cap in vanilla PoE that I don't wish to relive that experience.

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