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Chanters Phantom + Secrets of Rime?

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It's not worthless. There are cases where an elemental booster is a good pick.


For example if you use Spirit of Decay with Bittercut + corrosive lash you get +20% weapon damage and +5% lash with no drawbacks. It's WAY better than Savage Attack which you would pick without second thought I guess.


Same with Stormcaller + Heart of the Storm.


Also - your example with one fireball assumes that said wizard can only cast one fire spell per rest. Of course then an additional spell (= +100% damage) would be better than +20% damage. But once you cast more than 5 fire spells per rest the +20% damage per spell is better than a single additional spell. And it also helps to overcome DR which is not even considered in this calculation. Most of the time - if you look at the damage after DR - the talent leads to more than +20% damage increase.


Especially if you have a lot of lashes an elemental booster is great. Monks with Turning Wheel and a weapon with burning lash can boost their lash damage from 75% to 90% - and that's a multiplicative increase. Same for paladins with FoD+Intense Flames+burning lash: 100% to 120% lash damage. Also multiplicative.

Have a look at the Monksterlasher monk build who uses three of those talents which give him tremendous damage boosts.


So - those talents are perfectly fine, even can be very powerful, if you know how to use them. Not "meh" at all.


But sadly, Secrets of Rime does not boost the Phantom's damage. :) Only your own - for example Seven Night's freeze damage.

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Meh, +20% is utterly worthless as a feat. For casters is better to pick +1 extra casts or wand/rod damage combo, for melee, its better to pick +acc, or +melee dps feats. But suit yourself ;)


+20% damages, a worthless feat ? Even for martial class, taking it for your lash damages worths it. +5% multiplicative damage boost is an honnest bonus (that you'll pick after style and focus of course).


I would be curious about what you think is a good talent then.

Extra cast are among the mehest talents at high level, not to mention that on boss battle, you'll rarely swing your wand a single time.


Caster classes have a damage type with excellent spells (wizzard : ice, druid : electrical, priest : fire), so picking this one talent is highly recommanded. 

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