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What happened to deck customization?

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That's pretty much it...still trying to win a second game at normal. After 50 games challenge won't advance so I decided to start a new character. (Especially since the bugs deleted my high level toons anyway)

Well customize deck no longer does anything.

All it does is show the same starter...period. No options to show all other basic cards available. 


Help please. 

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Deck customization only did "something" before starting your story, as Hannibal said, or when you end up with less cards than you can hold (banished more weapons than you acquired, cards otherwise removed). You are then forced to pick card(s) to fill up to your card type limit for those characters (it is said that you can pick all base + treasure cards for up to your AD - 2, i.e. after banishing an ally in AD6 scenario, you will be able to pick up new allies from both base set and treasure cards from AD1 to AD4).


Otherwise, the deck customization is there if you want to move cards around your characters in between scenarios.

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