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Stretch Goal Portuguese (pt-br) language

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It will come eventually. Since they haven't done Portuguese localization before they don't have the contacts for it immediately at hand. I'm sure they don't want to promise to deliver something and then come up short because they chose a bad localization team etc.

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This comes from the 3rd update:



We know you all want to play Pillars II in your native languages, and that's why we will be including a new language in each stretch goal from now on until we run out of languages we're able to localize.


I guess they don't have the means to make a portuguese localization. Sorry, mate.

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Sorry, I must write a message in portuguese to my compatriots: Aeee moçada, estamos incluídos nas metas!!!   :dancing: 


Opa, tudo bem? Eles vão traduzir para pt-br?



Eu não tinha visto, 3.5M, agora sim...


Obrigado Obsidian!!

Thank you Obsidian!!

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