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  1. Opa, tudo bem? Eles vão traduzir para pt-br? Eu não tinha visto, 3.5M, agora sim... Obrigado Obsidian!! Thank you Obsidian!!
  2. $2.4 M is not pt-br, we will never see pt-br in this game, maybe if luck on $20.0 M we can it...
  3. Hi guys! What about a stretch goal for a translation to portuguese (pt-br)? We did not have one in the first PoE, maybe now you can pay more attention to brazilian gamers. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys! What about a portuguese(pt-br) translation stretch goal? In the first PoE we did not have one. Maybe it is the time to look fondly for the brazilian gamers. Thank you.
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