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Let's play a game, I give you a broad MC build, you hire his group

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The concept is to stop myself from falling into the same traps and use your imagination instead of my stale ideas.


MC, Boreal dorf rogue using Arquebus and possibly quick switch to warhammers when melee is needed.


Base stats;


Might 20

Con 8

Dex and Per 16

Int 8

Res 10



Random musing's;

My reasoning for Arquebus' was the added range over pistol, slightly higher alpha damage too.


I don't like to fully dump stats, consider this guy a crit ranged striker first and a melee attacker second, probably go dual warhammers till endgame and do abadons.


I like quick switch early but mid to late game when my group has lots of active's it annoys me so I'd likely respec and get the faster reloading talents.



I'd consider a Chanter tank for the reload chant (though I've never made a chanter main tank who doesn't eat dirt in seconds in early game, still I sorely want to see a chanter in action late game)...


A cipher of some kind to help trigger death-blows.. I prefer something more original then a bow cipher but they do work so well...


I like monk offtanks (I feel like having a Chanter and monk or even shifter-druid off-tank(stupid?) would be an interesting front-line, or possibly a Chanter main-tank and a ranger with a tanky pet for offtank?



Anyway, what team would you stick a gun toting dwarf rogue with the occasional hammer in?



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Well .... 5 Rangers with firearms is the first thing that comes to mind.... but they is going to get boring and tedious.


A firearm Rogue is an alpha striker so I would combine him with a buffer priest, a spellcasting DPS master, either Druid or Wizzy, and any combo of 3 sturdy meleers. Hell ... 3 Pally Tanks who do explosive FoD damage would suffice. They become damage dealers with priest buffs.

No matter which fork in the road you take I am certain adventure awaits.

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Why not make a front line consisting of a chanter, a monk and a cipher? If you don't limit yourself with one single tank but instead use three sturdy melees, each of them doesn't need to be too tanky to stand ground.


I once had a chanter, a (non-shifting) druid and a shield rogue as frontline and it worked well.


So chanter/monk/cipher should work even better. Give them heavy armor, shields + talent and Veteran's Recovery + survival's healing bonus and off you go (monk also works with high CON and without a shield). Put the chanter in the middle, give him Ancient Memory + Beloved Spirits and you will see how awesome the regeneration of your front line is. Easy to make up for some points of deflection with good regeneration.


For the backline I would use a wizard or druid for CC/afflictions and a priest for buffing. I would place the priest in the middle of the formation and the wiz/druid and rogue in the back. That way everybody can profit from the priest's Inspiring Radiance, Blessing and Devotions and also Consecrated Ground. Maybe a priest of Wael with a staff would be fun. He could hit through the front line with his reach weapon.


Later on the chanter can sing the Mercy & Kindness phrase and then alternate Sure Handed Ila and a tier 1 phrase in the long linger time. The M&K phrase will double all healing. It stacks with survival bonus and bonus from items (Fulvano's Amulet and such). Your party will have no healing issues whatsoever then.


Ciphers can reach pretty good defenses with a shield and Vampiric Shield and later Borrowed Instincts. Their focus generation is good enough with a sabre. Try to put a lash on the cipher's weapon asap. And don't drop MIG. It's even possible to take a large shield and go for max PER and lower RES in order to neglect the -8 ACC. In terms of defense that's better than a small shield because you will have the same deflection but get more reflex. With a priest it's easy to buff ACC, so no worries.

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