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- Stretch goals were planned in advance this time, after esp. the Endless Paths went somewhat out of control. Fulvano's Voyage is easier to develop as the islands have more variety and can be spread out better.

- Crowd funding: Kickstarter craze seems to have died down a bit, though games like Banner Saga 3 show that it's still viable. More for tabletop and board games, these days.

- Tyranny was way shorter, how about Deadfire: Deadfire will be comparable to PoE1 in size but pacing will be better. Twin Elsm was beautiful but didn't help to prepare the player for getting to the end of the game.

- Reduced party size: AI is new, pathfinding overhauled as a reaction to criticism of PoE1. Together with better placement of enemy mobs this will lead to better combat. There will be less trash mobs and more staged encounters connected to the plot, continuing the trend of later patches of PoE1.

- Factions and companions will be better integrated into the story. Levels will be more open, there will be more options to explore.

- Weather effects, daily schedules, multi- and subclasses, better scripted interactions get a shoutout.

- Inspirations for environments in Deadfire: tropical jungles, Egyptian temples, Caribbean pirate nests, and various Pacific Islander cultures, e.g. the Maori language, Polynesian clothing and architecture, or wood carvings from Bali. David Cordingly's "Under the Black Flag" is mentioned for real-life piracy. For video games, examples like Assassin's Creed 4, Sid Meier's Pirates!, or Divinity:OS.

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February 25 Game Banshee interview with Feargus.




Feargus: Probably the game is going to cost 40% to 50% more than the first Eternity did. And a lot of that is going into spending more time on the areas. You know, there were lot of areas that looked really good in Pillars I but there were some that were not maybe where they needed to be. But with Deadfire I think that you'll see that it may be that the worst-looking area in Pillars II is going to be similar to one of your better-looking areas in Pillars I. That was a big focus again to show people that we're not resting on our laurels. We're going to make a real sequel, we're not going to just swap the story out. A lot of people actually would have been fine with using a lot of the content from the original game and then just kind of refining. We really wanted to move forward. We were already moving the engine going from Unity 4 to Unity 5, changing some things. And we hired a couple of really great graphics programmers and they had a lot of cool ideas on how we could push, sort of the 3D/2D aspect of the world even more.


And we decided to invest in that particularly because - I think we've now invested a lot into the engine such that that making a Pillars of Eternity III will be easier, where if we had not invested much in the engine then we would have had to make a lot of changes between Pillars II and Pillars III.

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