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  1. Can't be me, I'm canonically dead in the Deadfire world. EDIT: unless spooky scary spirit me did it... The log mentioned a . Did this good fellow meet his demise soon after?
  2. I'm currently playing as a fighter (devoted) / Rogue (Assassin). You get the durability of the fighter, combined with the lethality of the rogue. I gave my character 18 dex, 18 per and 12 strength in order to max out his attack speed and the number of critical hits he scores. The character is also devoted to daggers for role playing purposes. At level six, this character is already doing massive damage. It will be even more fun once this character will be able to use stealthy backstab attacks throughout combat through shadowing beyond and smoke bomb. And later, after saving u
  3. I have to say that I find this genuinely touching. What a wonderful way for a studio to show their appreciation to their game's community. Thank you again Fluffle, for taking the initiative to make this happen. And thank you Obsidian for this kind gesture. Now, to start character creation for the Xth time and create a new character build around this weapon...
  4. I've got a day off work on Thursday and this is precisely what I'm going to spend my morning on. For once, you inspire me, SonicMage117!
  5. I'm not sure if it will make you feel better, but please know - remember - that you are not alone in feeling like this. The inability to understand why people would hurt other people over inconsequential things is a question that haunts me in my waking hours, and a major reason why I've been on medication for the past ten years. It's also why I avoid these grand conversations of social order or politics like a plague. The existence of the internet sure doesn't make it any better, especially when one is forced to watch the unraveling of something seemingly as pure in concept as one's childhood
  6. Indeed. I did not like the first concept art - at all - but am rather enamoured of her portrait. I'm starting to look forward to her inclusion in the game now. That said, I should add that I just love all of these portraits. I admire your craftsmanship MS. Laney.
  7. What about that description (Someone was kind enough to post it in another thread)? Does not sound that much like a "scientist". More of an identification figure for gothic nerd girls. "Noone seems to understand, but death is sooo fascinating." The problem here is not that she fits into one stereotype. The character described and pictured there is a monster sewed together from the countless corpses of different stereotypes.Maybe I can add something to help the writers fleshing out the character: She really likes chocolate, get's very nervous when cute boys are around and has an unhealthy ta
  8. Off-topic: oh my god, Lephys, you are back! I missed your presence (and your puns) on these forums. I'm glad to see you could resist your excitement in anticipation of PoE2 no longer and had to share it with us on the forums =P. That said: go(go)(gadget)~~~ walk-toggle!
  9. What I will do is this: The deadline will be postponed to next Monday 11:59 PM (GMT +2). I sent a reminder mail to everyone (sorry, yes to EVERYONE, because that's easier for me than to single out those who haven't sent a submission yet, please don't mind the spam if you have already submitted ) and I also officially opened this to backer who donated less than 10$. On the other hand, I would really dislike to allow more than one entry to a single backer, or more than 80 characters. The 80 characters and the 50 entries are upper bounds. Remember this offer was voluntary by Obsidian
  10. I think this is something that we should just push for on these forums. Two full expansions! One in each category
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