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Trying a high wisdom only party

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My favorite so far was the "girl band", i.e. all of the 6 female characters together: Seelah, Seoni, Lini, Amiri, Kyra and Merisiel. They're a pretty strong party and fairly well balanced.


Tried that one myself and they work very well. 3 healers and three who burn cards makes an effective team.


On the physical game, I have an all-gnome team of Lini, Tontelizi, Balazar, Raz, Cogsnap, Qualzar and Melindra. That's a very entertaining group to play.


Plus, of course the Six Goblin Party.

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All have d8 or better in WIS. Hard to see a party weakness. Trying in quest mode first. 


Kyra 1 (don't have alt yet)

Ezren 2

Seelah 1 (don't have alt yet)

Lini 2

Sajan 1 (will never bother with alt)





Like the look of it - and it will be strong later in the game where there are tough locations with Wis requirements. I think you'll have a lot of fun with that group.

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The one I'm playing now I call the "Magic User's Club", i.e. only characters with some spellcasting ability: Ezren, Seoni, Lini, Lem, Kyra and Seelah (after AD3 Harsk with a role and Nature's Gift could become a substitute player...). Very strong party with lots of support to throw around, with tons of healing so you can just keep pilling bonuses on just about any check and cycle it back with a Cure or two afterwards


One other thing I might want to try would be the "Fencing Club": Valeros, Amiri, Seelah and Kyra, i.e. only characters with Melee skill - and to stay with the theme, only sword-type weapons :) - might be interesting.


If you were to try something similar for an "Archery Club" (only Ranged skill) you'd have Harsk sitting around pretty alone (not that he'd mind that, though), so you'd have to relax admittance requirements a little to something like "only characters able to use ranged weapons efficiently" and would probably end up with something like Harsk, Merisiel, Sajan, Lem. Lini would be a possible contender (especially as her "Wild" alternate with the larger d8 in dex) and, if you really want to have a full 6-person party, you could make Weapon Master Valeros with the Close Quarters power become a honorary member...


Any other ideas? ;)

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I am currently thinking about a "Diplomatic Envoy" group with


Seelah (alt)





Not sure if I should add Lini too. She has a lot of charisma and cute furry critters to help her make new friends but no diplomacy skill. Her being compatible with any group feels sometimes like cheating.

Those four alone will already do a pretty solid job.

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I'm right now running the "Big Finish" team based on the Big Finish audio drama of Runelords.


Merisiel 2, Valeros 2, Harsk 2, Ezren 2. All v2 because I've already completed with all chars lol


The team took a while to get out of Sandpoint and burned many blessings swaying Father Zantus and Poog to come along. After finding a second staff of minor healing, the group began to really gel and started to become a powerhouse once everyone had an examination method and a heal.


When I finally was able to leave Sandpoint:

Merri - spy glass x2, staff of minor

Valeros - spyglass, watch, Father Zantus

Harsk - staff of minor, poog, innate exam

Ezren - Augry, potion of healing


In Adv5 now with lots of new toys. This themed party is one of my fave play through so far.

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