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The text is really unclear, so I did make a quick test:


Basically, it now does 10 raw damages per tick, modified by both Might and % of endurance lost.

So with 20 Might and 50% endurance lost, it is 18 raw damages per tick. % of endurance lost is calculated at the moment of the tick, not on initial cast.

it ticks on initial hit and every 3s for 20s (modified by Int).


Raw damages are actually higher than other insect spells (Swarm does 10 base per tick, and Plague does 8 base per tick... with long duration and crazy AoE).

It seems to be a very solid spell now, especially considering insect spell are not of poison type !


It's quite great for Bittercut too  :dancing:


PS: Pwgra hurts a lot now... 

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Not the last time I tested it with the Sorcerer's Apprentice build. But that was some time ago.


But dual Bittercuts with 4 Vile Thorns per rest on a rogue are already great. Vile Thorns not only works with Deathblows but also with Deep Wounds if I remember correctly (pierce damage?). And with Bittercut's Vile Thorns you don't have any recovery - they are like instant casts. Don't ask me why.

So even if Infestation of Maggots doesn't work with Deathblows the rogue might still be a good choice because of what I said above and because of his high ACC and his hit/crit conversion.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I know I'm not suppose to ask why, but are item casting time usually similar to spells ?


I'm planning to build my fighter with a LOT of casting items. It would sound even better with faster casting. 4x fast vile thorn is already great... especially because you don't sacrifice DPS by using molded legendary durganized bittercut :-



By the way, I'm wondering if a deathgodlike bleak walker with onkill effects and monsterlash dualling bitter cut could be a good maggot build idea.


Maggot doing more damages when endurance is low result in a higher probability of getting a kill. Bleak walkers benefit from Spirit of decay and can get both frightened and inspired triumph on kill. I think there are a couple of items with on kill effects (including... a helm... godlike might not be that great...)

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Hehe, glad you asked. ;)


Codewise the item spellbinds are mere copies of the original spells. So basically those are seperate spells with the same values at first.


Sometimes, when the original spell or ability changes (patch), the devs forget to also change the spell/ability on the items. This happened now and then.


Some examples:

- Knockdown was changed to a full attack, but on the Girdle of the Driving Wave it's still a primary attack.

- Whisper of Treason was changed from average to fast cast - on Munacta Arret and Spirit Spiral they used to be average until the devs realized and changed it there, too.

- Combusting Wounds has to overcome fort. The Ring of Searing Flames had an auto-hit until devs realized that and changed it.

and so on...


So maybe it was intentional that Vile Thorns on Bittercut has (or had - didn't test lately) no recovery and nearly no animation time. Or it's an minor bug. I don't know. But it's quite awesome to spam all 4 uses in a blink of an eye. Especially for a rogue who wants to hit while (short termed) afflictions that trigger Deathblows are still on. ;)


Death Godlike's racial ability is generally rubbish if you ask me. Would be nicer if they had a weak form of Come, Sweet Winds of Death as an aura or so. Whatever...


The Executioner's Hood is a great item with on-kill effect.


Generally speaking it would be good to use Maggots with a char who can build up a lot of MIG and INT. A chanter comes to mind (stats +5 invocations), but it takes some time to cast them.


Another is priest of course, but there's no way that he would be good with sabres.


Barbs could be nice. They can buff MIG by 6 with Greater Frenzy alone and usually have a lot of INT (I mean they are barbs at last ;)). And if you use carnage to lower enemies' endurance in an AoE a bit, Maggots could be a nice finisher. Only bad thing is barbs' lowish ACC.


Melee wizard could also be nice. He can get MIG and INT bonuses plus ACC via Citzal's Martial Power and spell bindings still work with that awesome buff on.


And what about rangers? Dual Bittercut with Swift Aim and so on would lead to 0 recovery, while Maggots might trigger Predator's Sense in an AoE for the stag companion as well. Kind of a ranger/druid multiclassing. Also take Envenomed Strike and Aspirant's Mark. And use the stag helmet... :)

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Do DoTs work with deathblows ? I didn't tested this :-

Strange. Iirc they worked with all damaging scrolls in v3.00. But they didn't work with Silverflash proc.


Made a quick test:


- deathblows don't work with DoT scrolls like Insect Swarm

- deathblows don't work with Envenomed Strike

- deathblows do work with Wounding (indirectly, because they increase the attack damage itself)

- deathblows do work with Weapon procs (including Silverflash' Divine Mark)


So either something was changed, or my memory fails me.


As for Infestation of Maggots, I had few tests made in v3.01 against a spore:



10 Mig/10 Int: 20s duration; 

From Full Endurance to Barely Injured: ticks for: 10,10,10,11,11,11,11,7 (total: 81)
From Injured to Badly Injured: ticks for: 14,14,15,15,15,16,16,10 (total: 115)
From Near Death: starting tick was 18
Note: DoT does not stack. Duration is refreshed

36 Mig/31 Int: 44s duration
From Full Endurance to Badly Injured: ticks for: 18,18,19,20,21,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,17 (total: 338)


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Yeah death godlike is not good, but I hoped this would be decent way to use their racial talent.

Maggot + Death Godlike sounded great lore-wise.


Paladins also usually have high MIG and INT by the way :-



But for a whole build centered on Maggots, I think an insect druid build would be a more amusing choice, with level 2 & 3 insect spells as mastery and a kind of specialization with DoT (and max MIG and INT).


Maybe a bear druid called "the honey king" or sonething like this :-

But I can't find a synergy with this apart with ranger's pet... (RIP combusting wounds + DoT...)

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You mean you cant's cast Maggots twice on the same target?

Technically you can. But there is no point in that, as the target will not get affected by both dots.


For example you cast a 20s IoM which would result in 8 ticks.

After 4s (or 2 ticks) you cast a 20s IoM again. This new instance of IoM will overwrite the previous one. In total you will get 10 ticks.


On the other hand if the last instance would be a 10s graze it would not overwrite the previous one, as that  had 16 more seconds until elapsing (i.e. it's duration is longer). The new instance will be ignored. And this will result in 8 total ticks.


At the some time, DoTs like Shining Beacon do stack completely.

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