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So, I really want to get the Thassilonian virtues blessing.  I've managed to completely beat Rimeskull (5.2), and i've at least beat Heroic level Halls of Seduction (5.3) and Into the Runeforge (5.5)


But Underneath Sandpoint (5.1) and Thassilonian Sins (5.4) elude me.  5.1 may have to wait for an update, I've decided (or for me to bring in Merisel) since I keep getting stuck in the Hound of Lamashtu recursion loop.  But I cannot figure out how to beat 5.4  I know I need to find the right wildcard powers.  


My current team is Valeros, Lem, Sajan, Seoni, Kyra, and Seelah.  I've tried with all 6 multiple times, I've tried with just Seoni, just Kyra, and a team of Kyra/Lem/Valeros


Anyone have any suggestions beyond "keep trying"?


(Also, if someone has suggestions for some way to avoid the Recursion in 5.1, greatly appriciated)

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As far as 5.1 goes, take a look at my post here. I describe the issues involved, how they occur and how to avoid them.


For both 5.1 I used Lini and Amiri with great success.


For 5.4, I had a combo of Harsk and Amiri, using both to explore and beat Villains. Harsk has maxed his ability to recharge a card and add 1d4+4, while Amiri has a base 3d12+something with a weapon, making any strength combat checks a breeze.

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5.4 Heroic is a training ground for 6.5. Unlike in previous adventures, you can't really just push your way through. Ideally you want to avoid encountering a villain until you've closed the locations that don't have a villain, but also close the problem zones (Veils of Pride and Sloth, IIRC. The one that makes you recharge a card after succeeding in a check, and the one that only allows one card played per check). A lot is going to depend on your decks for various characters, how you've taken their powers, and so on. Ideally, you should be using Augury/Scrying/Revelation Quill to be digging through the decks trying to locate the villains and isolate them. You only want to fight each one once.

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