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Aside from fixing mistakes it also would add replay value to a given character instance rather than having to create multiple copies of the same character.  In other games I've seen this be something that has to be bought - 500gp maybe?  That way it's not too disruptive to game balance and people (like me) don't end up with three or four copies of the same character.  I have been avoiding going through and cleaning them out because it's a lot of hassle to check cards, powers, skills and progress for each one to decide which should go.  If we could re-spec once in a while then people would have an easier time.


I'd throw this down low in the priority queue, though.  We need the coming hotfix for what we have and some more supporting content before we start adding new features, IMHO.

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Agreed. Such a mechanic isn't going to break the game, especially given that re-speccing isn't going to change the cards in their deck, and thus could potentially weaken the character in the short term. It gives a little bit more satisfaction and control to the players, and opens up another mild revenue stream. All in all, I see it as a win-win.

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