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Game confusion after closing during Longtooth encounter



Continuing on from this, but probably not related...


Okay, so I load the game up after making the bug report, discard the card for Lem. It returns to Kyra but it's showing the Scarnetti Manor background instead of Sandpoint Cathedral (though it still says Sandpoint Cathedral in the location header area), and she's encountering Soul Soap instead of the Ghoul Bat(which, I later confirmed, was the top card in the Scarnetti Manor deck).


This is obviously incorrect, so I make a VRT. When I return, the background is correct and she's now encountering the Bat, but the card isn't visible and the check is a Dex 11 check instead of combat. Another deload/reload and even a full app closure doesn't change this situation so I go ahead and make the check. The defeat animation plays over the top of the deck and the Cathedral let's me pull a blessing from discard, but when I explore again it's the bat again.



Android 6.0.1 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1


Story mode, Sandpoint Under Siege, Legendary difficulty, Night Approaches and Mother Father Snakes

Pass and play off, permadeath on

Party of Lem, Valeros, Ezren, Kyra, Merisiel, and Harsk

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Yep, I've definitely had a similarly confused instance of a game: where it lost track of where the encounter was taking place, what was being encountered and even who was having the encounter. I've definitely had the situation exacerbated by a VRT, which is unusual as a VRT normally sorts out issues where the UI appears inconsistent.

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On the subject of "closing the game makes weird states happen: after making this bug report, and upon returning to the game and succeeding at the combat check against the Harpy Monk, it gave me another, identical combat check, except this time acting as though Kyra had failed the Wisdom check. And after succeeding at that, it skipped the course option and tried to end the turn, which only resulted in a progression break. And then, after a VRT, it gave me another combat check for Kyra acting as though she'd failed the wisdom check, except with the cards in the state they were in after all that other stuff.


And then it finally did the Retaliation roll (which it didn't any of the other times) and let me close the location. So at least it did that.

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