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Harpy Monk + Temple = strange inconsistent interactions



I expect it's due to the Temple anyway, it's hard to be sure without seeing the code though...


Anyway, so Harsk and Kyra are in the Temple, and Kyra encounters a Harpy Monk. Then in turn order (since I just pushed the arrow whenever the order choice dialog came up):

*Kyra uses a blessing to pass the check

*Ezren fails the check, moves to the Temple, and discards a card

*Lem skips the check entirely (which is actually annoying, since I wanted him to fail)

*Valeros fails the check, moves to the Temple, and does NOT discard

*Merisiel fails, moves, and discards

*Harsk skips the check



Android 6.0.1 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1


Story mode, The Black Tower, Legendary difficulty, Retaliation and An Ill Wind

Pass and play off, permadeath on

All characters except Harsk and Kyra are at the closed City Gate

Harsk is first in turn rotation (but that probably doesn't matter)

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