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Harpy Monk + Temple location



So, my party consists of Harsk, Lini, Ezren, Sajan and Valeros (in order of play).

Scenario: The Black Tower 4.3, legendary difficulty.

Valeros is the only character in the Temple. He encounters a Harpy Monk, succeeds Wisdom check. Harsk fails his Wisdom check, moves to the Temple and discards a card as per location requirements. Lini, I guess, should have been next, instead it's Ezren who fails the check, moves to location but does NOT discard a card. Then Sajan fails, moves, discards 1 card. And we're back to Valeros, but instead of combat it shows the end of round symbol on the right side in the midle (red arrows, like a fast forward sign) which does nothing when I tap on it.

After I closed and reopened the app, pressed Continue, it shows me the scenario map with empty and open locations (some of them I have closed already). Blue arrow does nothing. See images.

It's a shame, because I would have closed the forth location. I had a chance of winning.


I had this bug before with the party consisisting of Harsk, Merisiel, Kyra and Seoni. Merisiel was the one who 'skipped' Wisdom check then. It didn't crash, but Seoni had to fight Harpy Monk twice.



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