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[] Harpy Monks at The Temple: many many odd things happen (part II)



Welcome back to part II of this wild, wild ride! This is a continuation of http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/89924-1143-harpy-monks-at-the-temple-many-many-odd-things-happen-part-i/

Previously in [] Harpy Monks at The Temple: many many odd things happen, Ezren had encountered a Harpy Monk at the Temple but been magically transported to the Mountain Peak to fight a Harpy Monk that we didn't know was there. He used his WoSR to defeat the Harpy Monk, closed Mountain Peak and passed the baton to Seelah. When we left our intrepid party, Seelah had just encountered the Harpy Monk that Ezren thought that he'd just defeated. But no!

On with the story!

Here's the scene as Seelah uses her Crusader to locate the Harpy Monk


You'll notice that - once again - the Wisdom check is failed (yes, it's that lovely "three dice always roll 1s or 2s" effect) and that Ezren has failed his Wisdom check and rejoined the party as has Merisiel. A quick Inspired Grace and possibly a Blessing (remember, only Seelah has had a turn since Ezren had to use a WoSR to defeat the Harpy Monk at... well, wherever it was) and we had our second defeated Harpy Monk in two turns. Awesome


And wonder of wonders: we get to close the Temple and put this whole sorry episode behind us


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