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Chain mail



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Those might be the right options depending on the type of damage the you got hit with.


If you took something other than ordinary Combat Damage (like Fire, Force, Poison Damage etc...), you won't have a recharge option, just discard or banish.  


The recharge only applies to Combat Damage, and it would indeed be a bug if it were unavailable under those circumstances.  Do you remember which monster/villain/barrier hit you with damage?


A similar sort of question came up long long ago.

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The Icon on the corner of the card should explain why you have the buttons that you have. If there's a Shield icon then you should be able to recharge, but if there's a padlock then the power of the shield is being blocked per Ethics Gradient's comment and you'll have to discard. Only trouble is that those icons aren't 100% reliable IME (yes, a bug, would you believe?)

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