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Cannot complete Thassilonian Sins

Strategy Builder


Both times I cornered and defeated Arazen (I think that's his name) the Lich, the game became stuck. My player's turn never ends. The first time it was when I won, and the turn never ended (no victory!). The second time was at a different location when he was the second to last boss. With most of the glitches I have found workarounds, but this one stops me completely. As long as I have a topic open, the ally tamed dragon glitched out the first time I rolled a 1 and triggered the betrayal. When the ally later appeared, it was glitched again and I could not obtain it. It also had no graphics. There have been other non-fatal glitches that seem to occur along with the very complicated rules of the later stages.


I have screenshots of each time my game froze on Thassilonian Sins. The location closes and change it's graphics as usual, but my character is left with no actions, and no option to end turn. It's just like what happens when you win a game, except in each case there was no victory script triggered, so I was just stuck. It may have something to do with multiple Villains and/or multiple characters at the closing location. I am going to try to win without ever having multiple characters exploring in the same location. Wish me luck.

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That's the issue indeed. The game does not end until all locations are closed, as I ended it on my third try by closing the last location. Two turns after beating the last villain. The "freeze" problem comes with being forced to move after defeating a villain, without a pop up or any guide text to let you know what is happening. If you do any kind of soft reset (perhaps thinking the game is stuck), then it can become truly stuck. But it seems the workaround is to leave one location not permanently closed, defeat all villains, move the characters as required, and then close the last location to trigger victory. There are definitely UI problems here along with at least one bug in the victory conditions. Operating system latest iOS. 6+.

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