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Not getting gold when completing scenarios



Hello, I just completed my third scenario without getting any gold for completing and I'm not sure why becauseI'm on the internet. I just did thistletop on medium difficulty. I believe the other two were also medium and in adventure deck one.


My device is an LG G3 with android version 6.0.

PFID D21950207EBD08E7

Neither pass and play or permadeath is on

I was doing Story Mode

I only have the cleric, the rogue, and the sorceress and they were in that orde

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Have you completed this scenario on this difficulty with ANY party? Normal and Medium scenarios only grant Gold the FIRST time you complete them.

You can use the 'Mark Solved' button beneath a post that answers your topic or confirms it's not a bug.

The time that devs don't have to spend on the forum is a time they can spend on fixing the game.

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So I finished the one highest level I was on and got gp for it. I then did another one that I had done (I had no undone medium level ones) and got no gp, but it said completed on that screen, the others hadn't. I then just did the first adventure in the base set on medium and got gp..

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