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Question about bundle

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Sorry if this was asked earlier but I just learned about this game and wondered about one thing.


Since I love the physical card game I'd like to buy the Rise of the Runelords bundle.


My question is, will I need to buy anything else to complete the collection to fully enjoy the game ?



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My question is, will I need to buy anything else to complete the collection to fully enjoy the game ?



It depends on how you define "complete the collection," but buying the bundle will get you all the base content that is currently available (C-Deck, AD1-5, Promo Cards, Characters), and AD6 when it eventually gets released.


The only "extra" content that the app offers right now is the Treasure Card system.  They are cards that aren't in the physical version, but can be randomly found by opening Treasure Chests purchased with in-game gold or cash (or in other special bundles).  Yeah, some of new cards are pretty cool, but you could easily get by without them.  Think of them more as bonus cards or extra promos.  


I like the few dozen treasure cards I have, but I'm not going to be too bent out of shape and feel that I'm missing out on something by not having them all.  The odds are pretty rough if you think you're going to collect everything anytime soon.

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Thank you for quick answer :)


So there are additional cards that can be only obtainable by chests. If I buy the RotR bundle this will be the only target for my gold right ?


Yup. The big bundle frees you from having to save up gold and buy the Adventure Decks and other add-ons one at a time using Gold. Any gold you do earn can be spend on treasure chests instead.


The game is pretty easy to earn everything for free, but buying the bundle allows you play a little more casually since you don't have to think about stuff like: "I just need to play this scenario 11 more times and then I should have enough gold for the next adventure deck!"

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It also opens up those other characters for immediate play. Those other characters add a whole new dimension to the gameplay, over the cards you deck them with.

The only draw back right now is that accounts seem to bug and forget that you have purchased the bundle.

Support is very slow with it... it's frustrating because the decks and characters are sitting right there, but they are greyed out, and all you can do is stare at them.

But support won't look at your account and what is on it... they'll run you in circles asking for the same google play receipt over and over again.


Beyond that, good game.

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