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Fps Locked to 22 ...





i've decided to get back on Pillars, on Steam? Bought Pillars of Eternity - Hero Edition on MArch 2015

What a disappointment...


Rigs :

Windows 10

Intel Core I7 4930k (6 cores)

16Go RAM

GTX 1070


Even this monster which run ANY game on Ultra settings, i get *Drum Rolls*


22 Locked FPS (yes locked, any resolution, any game options, any compatibility mode, any power management)


My CG is used at 10%


Is it  a joke ?


Exe details : 12/07/2016 version :


thanks to help me understand :)

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There is a FPS slider in the game video options, but PoE minimum frame rate cap is 30, not 22fps.

You can look at the register to check the game settings:


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Obsidian Entertainment\Pillars of Eternity


1e = 30 fps

ffffffff = uncapped


A cap of 22 is so low that suggests something else is interfering: a battery boost, a performance monitor with "optimizing" options, a energy saving profile.


How someone else with a similar issue fixed it:


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Ok, i'm not sure what happens.


When i said locked, i swear that whatever i was doing the fps (msi afterburner, Nvidia Share) was displaying 22 fps no more no less :o


i tried another game, running fine... (farcry 4, bf4) @60+


Today i have an average 70 fps on Pillars...


I'm very curious on what happened.


I Don't lock the thread because i want to know why i can run Pillars @70 or @22, to eventually find some clue that may help others.

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Did it actually run at 22 fps? Or did it show you it ran at 22 fps and you got sort of an placebo effect, thinking it actually ran at that speed? Maybe the measuring was the problem, not the game... at least that is what happened to me once

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