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[Bug] iPhone and iPad progression not synced



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The restore button only digs through your App Store receipts and reauthorizes DLC purchases like Characters and Adventure Decks.


On iOS, the best way to get things back in sync is to force-quit Pathfinder on both devices (double-tap the home button and swipe Pathfinder "up"), then open them back up.  Right now, the most reliable way to force a sync is to restart the app so you see that "Logged in!" popup.

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Yeah, note that Ethics Gradient says "most reliable" not "guaranteed". I've had a number of attempts to play the same sets of characters (not the same scenario, that would be ridiculously risky even though it should in theory work) and it's never reliably worked. I've lost experience and even levels. Personally I wouldn't recommend it without some serious experimentation on stuff you don't care about and with plentiful backups of data (not sure how/if you can do that on iOS)

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So the safest could be to have phone team and pad team... So if there is synch problems it would not affect the other team.

That may be a little too cautious; the sync system isn't that bad.  Where you need to be very careful is when you delete parties or characters across devices that may not be synced up.


Each save or character has a GUID attached to the data, but if you have mis-synced devices, it is possible to have two slightly different characters or saves with the same GUID.  Consider the following scenario:


You have an iPhone and an iPad, and you've been playing Quest Mode all weekend on your tablet.  You now have a Lvl 25 Merisiel [iD: 1234] and a Lvl 30 Seelah [iD: 2345].  You go back to your un-synced phone and see older versions of those characters (Lvl 10 Merisiel [iD: 1234], Lvl 15 Seelah [iD: 2345]), and think: "Aha! I'll just delete these guys and wait for my updated ones to sync back from the server!"  Nope.  What you've really done is to ask PlayFab to delete GUIDs 1234 and 2345, which would be both the old one on your device and the new one in the cloud. 


Granted, when you picked your phone back up, it should have pulled new characters down from the cloud.  But if it didn't, just keep in mind that "old" and "new" may be the same thing as far as the server knows.

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