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Game crashing to OS



iPad Air 2 running iOS 10 (problem existed under iOS 9 as well, OS upgrade attempted to see if it would fix the issue.

PFID 87BB52FF6E3285EA (unrelated request - please put the PFID in a selectable (copiable) field in the settings screen.)


Game crashes to OS before moving to scenario selection. Crash persists:

* when selecting "continue" from the main menu

* when selecting "story" from the main menu and then selecting a party

* after closing the app manually using multi-tasking interface

* after shutting off and restarting the device

* after closing the app manually and then restarting the device

* after a system upgrade


Game ran fine on iOS 9 until roughly two weeks ago. After a short hiatus, returned today and unable to pay because of crash. (Upgrade of app to 1.1.4 happened in the interim.)

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That has worked to allow me to play again, though all the scenarios I have beaten are locked again and I will have to beat them again in order to progress. Is that right, or have I missed something?


Sadly, that's normal.  The save file you just deleted also had data on scenario completion.  


At least your characters came out ok, right?

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