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[Bug] Major Cure does not give extra card when healing the caster



Platform: Android 7

Device: Nexus 5x


When using the card Major Cure on the same hero that's using the card, the extra 1 card that's supposed to be returned to the caster is not. It plays the animation as if it is being recharged, but no card is actually moved.


Repro steps:

1. Have a hero with Major Cure in his hand and at least 6 cards in the discard

2. Cast Major Cure (discard it). Select the caster if necessary

3. Roll the die. Remember the result of the roll


As Major Cure resolves, you will see the animation of the first set of cards being returned to the deck. The number of cards remaining in the discard pile will update accordingly and the deck will play the shuffle animation. Next, the animation of a single card being returned to the deck will occur, followed by a shuffle, however, no card will have actually left the discard pile.


NB: When casting Major Cure on a different hero, everything works as expected.

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I've just finished a Story mode session where I used several Major Cures on the caster and it all seemed to work OK - and I had my eyes peeled because I'd read this post before I started my session. I'll double-check and report back.


[EDIT: I experienced this today. No idea why I thought it was working OK previously]

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